For people with disabilities

Special caravan

Available all year and available for one night or for a longer period of time. Suitable for wheelchairs.

A great experience!

A handicap is no reason to stay at home


  • Suitable for people with physical and / or mental disabilities and their escorts
  • Two adapted high / low beds placed with a rail above it
  • Kitchen
  • Sitting area
  • Third high / low bed
  • Wheelchair can enter through a facility

The sanitary building is next to the caravan, with adapted showers and toilets.


The prices for the adapted caravan are:

  • 60 Euro per night
  • 350 Euro per week (7 nights)
  • 60 Euro for extra nights

This does not include:

  • Bed linen

Well designed

For optimal convenience

Spacious awning

With a third high-low bed

More information?

Please contact us if you require more information, to make a reservation, or if you have special requests.