Ready for the summer with new facilities

The facilities in the kitchen are extensive. In addition to various cookers, there is now an Oklahoma Joe – a beautiful smoker BBQ. Another nice article in the Telegramme.

Expansion of kitchen facilities

In addition to our well-known cooking tent (equipped with gas stove, oven, refrigerator, pots, pans, plates and cutlery) and 2 bbq’s we have placed a smoker for fish (hot and cold smoking), a real Oaklahoma Joe (cooking like in the westerns). For our camping guests even more cooking comfort!

Camping Kerisole is a “Refuge LPO”

A nice article by Francis Salaun in the Telegramme of April 6, 2017. Our campsite is officially certified as a Refuge LPO (the French bird protection). Flora and Fauna are respected and we have about 15 nest boxes hanging on the campsite.

Camping Kerisole in the Telegramme

Prior to the opening of the campsite on April 1st, we had a nice article in the Telegramme. Our preparations have not gone unnoticed. We have placed a caravan where people with a disability can stay. The entrance is wide enough for a wheelchair and there are 2 high-low beds inside. There is a third high-low bed in the awning. Our pagoda tents are arranged as 2 sleeping tents for groups (up to 10 persons) and as a dining tent (for about 20 people). There is also a play caravan for children on our property. Children can paint, draw, clay, etc. to their heart’s content. We are looking forward to the camping season again!

Great Festival L’Arbre punk !

The weekend of 21-23 October was the weekend of the punk festival in Scaër, organized by Kollins Collective Keupons. Saturday and Sunday we have crafts market in the campsite. There are also animations like puppets, circus and pole dance. For meals the restaurant was open with daily menus and craft beer. During the nights there are concerts. Punk visitors have brought in very special vans and trucks and are everywhere in the open fields. It was a festival that brought a lot of color to the streets of Scaër!


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Summer at the campsite: at lot is going on


Our first season at Camping Kerisole. We take care of everything: Guests who stay for 4 months, Scouts who seek accommodation for the night, former colleagues who come to the campsite with their family, cyclists on the camping trip, children who want to ride a donkey , you name it. It is pleasantly busy at the campsite. The “cooking tent” is used every evening. Guests think this is a very good invention. For the children we have placed a caravan that has been dyed black. Here they can (in) color, paint or play.

Here’s an overview:

Camping Kerisole. A new begin

Francis Salaun has written a nice article in the newspaper about how we have revived the campsite.

Busy weekend ahead

Coming weekend, it will be busy at the campsite. The 6 hours of Scaër, a relay with a trail edition this year, will take place from 14:30 on Saturday 25 June. The trail edition is new and the runners are largely about our own prairie. Afterwards there is a joint meal and of course a party!

Party at Camping Kerisole

Saturday, June 4 was the big party at Camping Kerisole. Roel became 70 years old on 3 June, Roel and Katinka are 40 years together and 30 years married, Yambi and Yucca are 9 years old, we have managed Camping Kerisole and …. life is good in Brittany. Reason enough to have a party with family, friends from the Netherlands and from Brittany, the city council, the mayor and his wife and many more people.

Unicorn’s Spirit created a fairytale-like opening. While enjoying Breton singing, provided by Angela, delicious food and drinks followed. The campsite guests were of course also present. The season at the campsite has started nicely. We have already received many people and the reservations for the coming season come in daily. It is very satisfying when we hear that our guests are happy to go home!


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A happy customer

Bonjour, today we received a postcard from a satisfied customer. These people have already been with their camper twice on our campsite. Always nice to get something like that!

The camp site is already starting to turn out nicely. People know where to find us and we get reservations and requests every day.

Former colleague Annelijn with her family and Maaike van Werknavigator with her family are our guests in the mobile homes for a week. Nice chat, walk and eat together. There is cycling, climbing in the playground and … tonight we go to the farm of the Dorremalen family, to the cows and calves. Tomorrow morning there is a joint running training on the program.


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